Barrington Storm Soccer Club

Promoting soccer in Barrington, NH


 Scholarship Awards and Application Process


Three main criteria will be used to determine eligibility for a BSC scholarship:

1)     Financial hardship

2)     Player interest and commitment to learning the sport

a.       What the player believes he/she can bring to the Barrington Soccer Club

b.      Why playing with BSC is important to them

3)     Evidence of good sportsmanship and positive attitude both on and off the field


Prior experience with soccer or with the Barrington Soccer Club is not required to apply for the scholarship but is encouraged.  Similarly, families applying for the scholarship are encouraged to consider volunteer activities to assist the Board or Coaches but are not required.


Players seeking a full or partial scholarship toward any of the BSC programs must submit the following:


§  From the player:  (Optional) A written letter or other tangible expression of interest and commitment to the sport, in age-appropriate format, writing style, legibility, and content. For younger players a picture is acceptable.


§  From the player’s parent(s)/caregiver(s): A letter requesting full or partial scholarship and information describing the reason for the request. A BSC Board member may follow up with a request for additional information, if the Club needs such information to better allocate scholarship funds.


o   Additionally, the parental letter of support should provide examples of the applicant’s behavior, work ethic and school performance, sportsmanship, and attitude toward peers and adults both on and off the field. 


§  From a non-family member:  A letter of recommendation from a teacher, Scout leader, pastor or other non-family member who knows the applicant well enough to provide examples of the scholarship criteria.



Award Process:


§  All program registrants will be made aware of scholarship funds and application process following try-outs and team assignment.

§  At least 10 days will be given for applicants to submit their letters of support. Please mail in the downloadable PDF including all support letters together to the provided address.    

§  Funds will be awarded and families notified after the Scholarship committee reviews all submissions.  All submissions must be made and post marked by the last try out date. The Scholarship committee will be made up of the BSC Registrar and Treasurer and one or more Board member(s) at large.

§  Submissions missing any of the above requirements or lacking examples of the applicant’s interest, attitude, and dedication to playing with BSC will not be accepted. 

§  Players need to be in good standing with the Club, i.e. no disciplinary action on record and no unpaid fees from prior programs (try out fee not included).

§  You do not need to be a Barrington resident to apply for a scholarship, however Barrington resident’s applications will be considered first.